UTA Department of Electrical Engineering Faculty Publications preserved and shared openly.


Submissions from 2023

Earables as Medical Devices: Opportunities and Challenges, Aziz Abdul, Ravi Karkar, Kan Ding, Jay Harvey, and Phuc Nguyen

Submissions from 2019

Structural Health Monitoring of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Using Wireless Magnetostrictive Sensors, Sujjatul Islam, Relebohile George Qhobosheane, Muthu Ram Prabhu Elenchezhian, Vamsee Vadlamudi, Rassel Raihan, Kenneth Reifsnider, and Wen Shen

Design of Embedded Wireless Sensors for Real-Time and In-Situ Strain Sensing of Fiber Reinforced Composites, Relebohile George Qhobosheane, Sujjatul Islam, Muthu Ram Prabhu Elenchezhian, Vamsee Vadlamudi, Rassel Raihan, Kenneth Reifsnider, and Wen Shen

Submissions from 2017

Optical Refractive Index Sensing Based on High-Q Bound States in the Continuum in Free-Space Coupled Photonic Crystal Slabs, Yonghao Liu, Weidong Zhou, and Yuze Sun

Coupled Bilayer Photonic Crystal Slab Electro-Optic Spatial Light Modulators, Yi-Chen Shuai, Deyin Zhao, Yonghao Liu, Corey Stambaugh, John Lawall, and Weidong Zhou

Submissions from 2012

Microheater platform for selective detachment of DNA, Samir M. Iqbal, Ankur Jain, and Annas Javed

Self-assembled synthesis and characterization of microchannels in polymeric membranes, Samir M. Iqbal, Wintana T. Kahsai, Uyen H. T. Pham, and Jeyantt S. Sankaran

Viscosity and surface-free energy effects in thermal shrinking of solid-state nanopores, Samir M. Iqbal, Waseem Asghar, Joseph A. Billo, Ronald L. Carter, and Jared Jones

Submissions from 2011

Nanostructures for Medical Diagnostics, Motasim Bellah, Shawn Christensen, and Samir M. Iqbal

Porous Organic Nanolayers for Coating of Solid-state Devices, Samir M. Iqbal, Waseem Asghar, and Sri Divya Vidyala

Shrinking of Solid-state Nanopores by Direct Thermal Heating, Samir M. Iqbal, Waseem Asghar, Joseph A. Billo, and Azhar Ilyas

Submissions from 2010

Radar Sensor Network Using A Set of New Ternary Codes: Theory and Application, Qilian Liang and Lei Xu

pH-dependence of conduction type in cuprous oxide synthesized from solution, Meng Tao, Longcheng Wang, Qiming Zhang, Dangxin Wu, and Weichao Wang

Large-area InP-based crystalline nanomembrane flexible photodetectors, Weidong Zhou, Weiquan Yang, Hongjun Yang, Guoxuan Qin, Zhenqiang Ma, Jesper Berggren, Mattias Hammar, and Richard Soref

A Ternary Pulse Compression Code: Design and Application to Radar System, Qilian Liang and Lei Xu

Colloidal quantum dot absorption enhancement in flexible Fano filters, Weidong Zhou, Li Chen, Hongjun Yang, Zexuan Qiang, Huiqing Pang, Lei Sun, Ryan| Stiff-RobertsAdrienne Pate, Shuai Gao, Jian Xu, and Gail J. Brown

Submissions from 2009

A mesoscale model of DNA interaction with functionalized nanopore, Samir M. Iqbal and Yaling Liu

Electrical detection of single-base DNA mutation using functionalized nanoparticles, Samir M. Iqbal, Shawn Christensen, Swati Goyal, and Mohammud R. Noor

Resonance control of membrane reflectors with effective index engineering, Weidong Zhou, Santhad Chuwongin, Zexuan Qiang, Li Chen, Huiqing Pang, Zhenqiang Ma, and Hongjun Yang

Solution-processed omnidirectional antireflection coatings on amorphous silicon solar cells, Weidong Zhou, Yuehui Wang, Rajesh Tummala, L. Chen, L. Qing Guo, and Meng Tao

Submissions from 2008

Fano filters based on transferred silicon nanomembranes on plastic substrates, Weidong Zhou, Zhenqiang Ma, Zexuan Qiang, Hongjun Yang, Li Chen, and Huiqing Pang

Submissions from 2007

Microstructured surface design for omnidirectional antireflection coatings on solar cells, Weidong Zhou, Li Chen, Hongjun Yang, and Meng Tao

Surface texturing by solution deposition for omnidirectional antireflection, Weidong Zhou, Meng Tao, Hongjun Yang, and Li Chen

Effect of sulfur passivation of silicon „100… on Schottky barrier height: Surface states versus surface dipole, Meng Tao and Muhammad Yusuf Ali

Submissions from 2006

Fabrication and characterization of solid-state nanopores using a field emission scanning electron microscope, Samir M. Iqbal, H. Chang, R. Bashir, E. A. Stach, A.H. King, and N. J. Zaluzec

Encapsulation for efficient electrical injection of photonic crystal defect mode surface-emitting lasers, Weidong Zhou

Submissions from 2005

Closure to Discussion of “Reactive Compensation Techniques to Improve the Ride-Through Capability ofWind Turbine During Disturbance, Wei-Jen Lee, Chai Chompoo-Inwai, Chitra Yingvivatanapong, and Kittipong Methaprayoon

Direct current electrical characterization of ds-DNA in nanogap junctions, Samir M. Iqbal, G. Balasundaram, R. Bashir, D. E. Bergstrom, and Subhasis Ghosh

Submissions from 2004

Thermal stability of ohmic contacts between Ti and Se-passivated n-type Si(001), Meng Tao, Yuqing Xu, Wiley P. Kirk, Eduardo Maldonado, and Darshak Udeshi

Submissions from 2003

Capacity and coverage management issues in the forward link of CDMA systems, Jonathan W. Bredow, J.A. Khoja, and M.A. Al-Shalash

Submissions from 2001

Wheeling Charge Under a Deregulated Environment, Wei-Jen Lee, C. H. Lin, and Larry D. Swift

Submissions from 1995

Determination of volume and surface scattering from saline ice using ice sheets with precisely controlled roughness parameters, Ronald L. Porco, Adrian K. Fung, Saibun Tjuatja, Kenneth C. Jezek, Sivaprasad P. Gogineni, Anthony J. Gow, and Jonathan W. Bredow

Submissions from 1993

A Millimeter-wave Instrument for Use in a Synergistic, optical/millimeter-wave Approach to Pollution Monitoring, Jonathan W. Bredow, D. Gibbs, Adrian K. Fung, Saibun Tjuatja, and P. Giradot

Microwave/optical Studies of Saline Ice, Snow, Melt Ponds and Refrozen Melt Pond Ice, D. Gibbs, C. Betty, Adrian K. Fung, and Sivaprasad P. Gogineni

Submissions from 1992

Circular and Linear Polarization Inverse Sar Imaging of Simple Deterministic Targets and Statistically Known Randomly Rough Surfaces Using Constant and Varying Illumination, Jonathan W. Bredow, Ronald L. Porco, and G. Hartman

Attenuation Behavior of Solid Dense Random Media at Microwave Frequencies, S.A. Nadimi, Adrian K. Fung, and Jonathan W. Bredow

Submissions from 1990

Comparison of Measurements and Theory for Backscatter from Bare and Snow-covered Saline Ice, Jonathan W. Bredow and Sivaprasad P. Gogineni

Comparison of Integral Equation Predictions and Experimental Backscatter Measurements from Random Conducting Rough Surfaces, C.E. Nance, Adrian K. Fung, and Jonathan W. Bredow

Comparisons Between a Dense Medium Scattering Model and Seaice Measurements, Saibun Tjuatja, Adrian K. Fung, and Jonathan W. Bredow