About MavMatrix

MavMatrix is the institutional repository and archival hub of The University of Texas at Arlington. It preserves and showcases the university’s legacy and research/creative record in a robust and reliable digital environment. A service of the UTA Libraries, MavMatrix houses a wide variety of historic and recent resources available openly and freely to local, national, and global audiences. Please note that MavMatrix preserves UTA records from throughout its history. Units or names identified in records on MavMatrix may have changed, merged, or closed.

Fun Fact! The MavMatrix name was established via a naming contest among the UTA Libraries' staff. With many excellent entries, MavMatrix was chosen for its concise incorporation of the UTA mascot (Maverick) and a contemporary reference to the vast digital landscape to which we seek to contribute.

UTA Libraries staff in Open Partnerships & Services, Special Collections and Archives, Research Services, and others collaborate to make MavMatrix accessible and useful for you. Contact librariesops@uta.edu for inquiries about scholarly resources or contact spcoref@uta.edu for inquiries about archival resources.

Please note that MavMatrix streamlines and replaces several previous platforms used by UTA Libraries to offer accessible digital resources to its patrons, including:

  • UTA ResearchCommons (DSpace)
  • Mavs DataVerse (TDL Data Repository)
  • UTA Libraries Digital Gallery (Drupal)
  • UTA Libraries Digital Collections (Drupal)
  • Open Access Journals (Open Journal Systems)
  • Thesis and Dissertation submission (Vireo)
  • Audiovisual streaming (Avalon)
  • Microsites (Omeka)

To learn more about Institutional Repositories and the Digital Commons Scholarly Network, please visit the Digital Commons Resources page.