Tamnika Walton

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Honors Thesis


Sexual trauma has been found to affect individuals across all socioeconomic lines. For some, recovery from the damages is a process that often includes bouts with the justice system that ends in one or more imprisonment terms. Often these prison sentences are caused by substance use and sex industry crimes. The study shows that the time these women are serving is often a result of the trauma they have faced either by childhood sexual abuse (CSA), domestic sex trafficking (DST), or sexual violence as an adult. The purpose of the study is to determine if incarcerated women who have suffered sexual trauma face a higher rate of imprisonment than women who have not experienced sexual trauma in the corrections system due to exclusion from specialized treatment of sexual trauma. The method utilized for this study was Qualitative Interpretive Meta-Synthesis (QIMS). For (QIMS) a research question must be formed. Then a sample of qualitative research is chosen. Then begins analytic steps of extraction of the theme, theme synthesis, triangulation, and credibility reporting (Aguirre & Whitehill Bolton, 2013). The study proved that women who identified as sexual trauma victims had often not been benefactors of interventions that were specific to sexual trauma. Gender Responsive Treatment (GRT), which was modified with Cognitive behavioral Therapy (CBT) included guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, and art therapy being used in the study and concluded that the participants showed greater productivity psychologically. Refraining from substance use, provided evidence that trauma- informed intervention was most beneficial when the participants had themselves experienced trauma (Saxena et al., 2014).

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