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One of the biggest social problems in the United States today is child maltreatment. Extensive literature has been written about the problem and many researchers, child welfare workers, and policy makers believe that the astounding numbers of child abuse and neglect is directly associated to poverty and stress among single parents, parental substance abuse, low self-efficacy and ineffective parenting. Studies have proven that there is a strong relationship between child maltreatment (abuse and neglect) and low self-efficacy, substance abuse and poverty. Many studies have suggested that prevention and intervention educational programs can help parents learn positive parenting skills and subsequently lower the number of substantiate and unsubstantiated of child maltreatments. The present study have examined the impact that parent training program intervention has on parents' self-efficacy and discussed other variables (i.e., stress, socioeconomic and substance abuse) that contribute to parents' likelihood to neglect or physically abuse their children. The study utilized secondary data analysis from previous data that was collected from the participants of Positive Parenting Intervention Program. Pretest & Posttest design was used with sample of sixteen Child Protective Service (CPS) referred parents. Analyses results of t-test revealed statistically significant difference in the TOPSE instrument domains of discipline & boundary setting, control, empathy & understanding, as well as learning and knowledge. Analysis result of mean difference and of the TOPSE domains from pretest to posttest have shown an increase in all domains. Also the total score of the TOPSE pretest and posttest have shown that parents have increased their knowledge and skills of positive parenting. T-test results have revealed statistically significant difference of the total scores of the TOPSE pretest and posttest. Social work implications of findings for practice, education, policy and further research, and recommendations are also discussed.


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