Victoria Munoz

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Honors Thesis


Research suggests the media shapes the way children perceive the world. In addition, ethnic minorities are typically portrayed negatively in media. Disney Princess movies have become a widespread part of childhood experiences, as these movies often top box-office sales and generate copious merchandise sales.. Disney Princess movies have the ability to produce, circulate, and exchange information, especially to kids. Therefore, it is important to understand how minority and ethnic people are portrayed. Using content analysis, this study analyzes a sample of eight popular Disney Princess movies utilizing a codebook to assess the demographics, types of interactions, and personal/appearance characteristics of gender and ethnic minority characters. When a minority character appears on screen, their characteristics and interactions are counted and added into the codebook to correlate with a number (e.g. blonde=1). Study findings are expected to provide an understanding of the presence and portrayals of ethnic minorities in Disney Princess movies.

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