Resha Adhikari

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Honors Thesis


Even though the UR5 robot was developed for industrial purposes, it has not been efficient enough to replace human workers in warehouses and factories. The main theme of this project is to increase the change the working practice of robot by detecting the fiducial markers and using it as a source to pick up the envelopes. Once the robot is able to detect the fiducial markers placed on the envelope, the robot will locate it and then move towards it, use suction to pick up the envelope and move it to another location as desired (a box in our case). This technique is simple and more effective than detecting an envelope itself on a moving conveyor and has higher efficiency. It can also detect multiple fiducial markers and differentiate what actions to take on the envelopes based on the position of fiducial markers. This technology can be used in postal services where there are hundreds v of mails to be delivered. In addition, this technology can also be used with bigger machines who are designed for pick up and drop of heavier objects as well and will produce good results.

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