Dhruva Malik

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Honors Thesis


A lot of working people spend their time doing desk jobs. This results in various complications and problems with age. Early on development of bad posture can be fixed before it becomes a habit and. As a result, people may develop inadequate spine posture, which can cause profound implications such as back pain if not corrected at an early stage. “Aasan” the name of the application comes from a Sanskrit word meaning posture, and as the goal of it is to eliminate the wrong posture practices among the world, this name gives the app a meaningful and purpose driven feeling. Aasan enables our team to gather and analyze video input from the user's phone using machine learning and computer vision to notify the users when the posture is not in the correct position. The camera uses 360 degree posture detection, that has been developed to further assist consumers, giving the best possible results towards bad and good posture detection. A detailed study can be undertaken with the use of kinesiology methodologies to determine the underlying cause of any irregularity of the spine which allowed Aasan to suggest various solutions towards many posture problems. With increased stress and decreased awareness, our posture can easily deteriorate, and so the idea of a web-app for Aasan came around. Aasan uses a combination of machine learning algorithms and computer vision techniques to understand and predict the coordinates of joints in the human body. Aasan can analyze the posture of a person, giving them recommendations to improve it. Aasan also provides users feedback from chiropractors and industry health professionals. Thus, this project is believed to be a culmination of features that can help anyone at any age to make big or small corrections in their posture and help them to live a healthier and pain-free life.

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Shawn Gieser



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