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UTA’s LAMMA Lab has created a pellet 3D printer by attaching a Massive Dimension Pellet Extruder head to the end of a Kuka 6 degree of freedom robotic arm. The printer must have constant access to two pellet reservoirs and be able to print a two-material structure or a mixture of the materials. A batching system was created that distributes pellets using a lead screw conveyor to an enclosed metering plate. When the weight of the pellets distributed to the plate is equal to the specified weight of the batch, the conveyor stops, and the enclosure shifts moving the entire batch into the pellet extruder head. A mixed batch is created by alternating small pulses of the lead screws of the materials desired in the mixture. The mixed batch is not uniform but will allow for a granulate batch blender to be added below the batching system.

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