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Honors Thesis


With high-intensity neutrino beams and large mass detectors, neutrino physics has entered the high precision measurement era. Accelerator experiments that use high-intensity proton beams impinging on a fixed target could produce dark matter along with neutrinos. DUNE, one of the most extensive neutrino experiments under construction, has similar prospects of looking for low-mass dark matter (LDM) produced in the proton interactions with the target. With the possibility of charge-neutral LDM production in the target, numerous neutrinos will be generated alongside it, which will be the primary background to the LDM signal. To understand these neutrino backgrounds, we studied two “modified DUNE” frameworks: Neutral Rich Horn Focusing (NRHF) System and Targetless DUNE. These systems help us reduce background neutrinos in search of LDM signals. These configurations also enhance the signal-to-background ratio by several orders of magnitude.

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Jaehoon Yu



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