Angelica Garcia

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Honors Thesis


The coronavirus’s first appearance in Wuhan, China, lead to a rapid global spread of a new virus disease known as COVID-19, which lead the World Health Organization to declare a new global pandemic. In order to prevent further spread of the disease, specific public health precautions were implemented throughout the United States. With such a significant impact on society, the effort of keeping a regular routine of physical activity became difficult to maintain. It is widely known and accepted that a healthy and active lifestyle greatly contributes to an improvement in general health. The objective of this article is to analyze the impact and ramifications of COVID-19 on physical activity levels within college students. A quantitative research, cross-sectional survey was conducted on students who attend the College of Nursing and Health Innovation of the University of Texas at Arlington. The most impactful results from the data were concluded to be 41% of students declare that their activity levels certainly declined during the pandemic along with 65.7% of the population gained weight. The data also reported that majority (43.8%) of students depended on walking for physical activity during the pandemic. Likewise, majority of respondents rated their activity intensity as moderate (37.1%) and mild (28.7%).. Since 24.02% of the students were infected by the virus and another 41% reported substantially reduced levels of activity, this study, despite its limitation of population uniformity and sample size suggests that the pandemics was contributor to detrimental lifestyle behaviors. Ultimately, this research concludes with data that is quite remarkable as it suggests that even in such active population, the pandemic impacted the students’ physical activity levels and led to an increased in body weight by the means of an increase in sedentary lifestyle.

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