Celine Pham

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Honors Thesis


With the transition to virtual learning, some students are finding difficulty in adapting to the online environment where there is a lack of face-to-face interactions and physical infrastructure. Therefore, alternative strategies need to be implemented for students to gain the most value out of their online education. To better enrich the learning experience, I created educational activity booklets, a type of teaching-learning strategy, for students taking courses in human anatomy and physiology. These booklets contain visual aids, crossword puzzles, flow charts, questions, and other active-learning tools to reinforce lecture material. This project is divided into 13 booklets, with each encompassing a different human body system. The combination of visual activities with active-learning tools enhances the learning experience. For example, crossword puzzle activities expand terminology, boost confidence, and accelerate learning capacity. Overall, these activities have been shown to improve student assessments in an online learning environment.

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