Atharva Dange

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Honors Thesis


Much of space physics deals with the relationship between the sun and the earth. The type of interaction—solar winds, flares, particles, mass ejections, radiations, plasma, and magnetic fields—determine the phenomenon observed on earth. Sudden Storm Commencements (SSCs) are unique high impulse disturbances in the Earth’s magnetosphere characterized by an anomalous rise in the Dst index. Both hourly and minute time resolutions would be utilized to compare deviations in value ranging from 10nT to 50nT. The goal will be to study SSCs by analyzing satellite data and constructing simulations in order to be able to predict future such storms on Earth. The proper identification of a hypothesized ‘precursor signature’ of SSCs is predicted to increase accuracy of space weather forecasting. Methodology will include both magnetohydrodynamical and magneto-statistical equations to analyze and infer the existence of the precursor signature. Accurate mapping of space storms will improve GPS connectivity, prevent widespread power failures and improve satellite communications system.

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