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Over 4000 exoplanets have been discovered but most of them are unsuitable for life. With organic compounds being discovered on Saturn’s moon Enceladus, exomoons have become hotspots for extra-terrestrial life. The strong tidal force of Jupiter have various effects on its moons. Large heat dissipation in Io creates an ionic atmosphere, which interacts with Jupiter electromagnetically. As a result, Io emits characteristic radio emissions. Subsurface ocean is also created in Europa due to heat dissipation in its interior. Tidal dissipation is calculated for different cases for Galilean moons. Habitable zones for Io and Europa are determined by varying the semi-major axis of their orbits. Four exoplanets similar to Jupiter are selected. Io-like, Europa-like and Enceladus-like exomoons are simulated around each exoplanet and tidal dissipation is calculated. Based on these calculations habitable zones are estimated for these exomoons. Two candidates are also proposed for future detection of exomoons.

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