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Mycobacterium is a genus of bacteria best known for Mycobacterium tuberculosis(Mtb), which causes tuberculosis. Proteins that are distinctive to mycobacteria can be studied in closely related species of Mtb in order to find potential new tuberculosis drugs based on unique mycobacterial processes. In this study, the model organism Mycobacterium smegmatis (Msmeg) was used to study the protein, SepIVA. SepIVA is a protein found in Mycobacteria, which is thought to be similar to a group of proteins that function in assisting with cell wall synthesis during cell division and cell elongation. To study the possible functions of SepIVA, the localization of the protein DivIVA was observed via microscopy. DivIVA is a better studied protein with known localization patterns in Msmeg. The results suggest that SepIVA is not involved in regulating the localization of DivIVA during cell division.

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