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Within the Gonatodes genus, the diurnal state is the common state for all but one of its members: Gonatodes antillensis. G. antillensis is also the only member of this genus known to be capable of vocalization. The ability to vocalize is a feature thought to be lost for this genus, and now regained. To further understand the evolutionary process that allowed this species to regain the ability to vocalize, histological preparations were made from the larynx of a male G. antillensis and from three other males belonging to three different species from the same genus not known to vocalize. These were: G. humeralis, G. ligiae, and G.vitattus. The histology of the larynx of the four species was compared using routine and special stains. The observations revealed striking differences between the four species, with G. antillensis having a remarkably differentiated laryngeal structure which, may account for its ability to vocalize.

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