Wesley Salazar

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Honors Thesis


Caution must be exercised before reading this research. This research will include images of slain children, women, and men and also includes blood, body fat, wash water from morgues, and many other human substances. My research will analyze the artist Teresa Margolles and how her use of the dead body is influenced by culture, protest, and politics. She uses dead bodies in her pieces in order to create a dialogue between viewer and artist. The artist wants viewers to begin a conversation about Mexico, and how the Mexican drug cartels have plagued the country with death. She uses such shocking tactics of creation because of the silence towards Mexican violence and death. Margolles tries to share the struggle of Mexicans worldwide. This research will conduct a survey of three exhibitions by Teresa Margolles as well as investigate sociological concepts of Mexican realities in order to explain Margolles’ use of dead bodies.

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