Jenny Phan

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Honors Thesis


Hybridization in the freshwater microcrustacean Daphnia occurs naturally and the interspecific hybrids have been found between several species, occupying many diverse types of freshwater habitats (e.g., lakes and ponds). A comparative analysis of gene expression from crosses of varied species of Daphnia is a powerful way to identify the evolutionary divergence of the genetic elements controlling the expression of genes. In this study, multiple within-species and between-species crossing experiments are performed. We then sequenced the transcriptomes of the obtained interspecific juvenile hybrids and to contrast the patterns of within-species gene expression divergence with between-species divergence. Transcriptomes were compared at 50 different sites on the genome to determine if crosses were true hybrids. We found that hybrid AroRL1 was a true cross and we plan to construct further sequencing on hybrid AroWash1.

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