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This internship research documented the experiences in implementing a writing program for a kindergarten student along with documentation that emphasizes how crucial daily writing programs are. The researcher worked with one kindergarten student and gathered data for two days every week over a period of two months on the Zoom platform. Data collected includes Zoom recordings and journal entries that document what took place during each session, including verbatim accounts of writing conferences with the student that complement each copy of the student’s writing. Journal entries also documented conferences with the parent of the students and my faculty mentor at the University of Texas at Arlington. One major finding yields potential challenges of providing Zoom instruction for a young student. Another major finding underscores the importance of novice teachers receiving support as they implement a writing workshop. The support provided make it possible for the researcher to overcome unanticipated challenges and provide effective writing instruction for the kindergarten student, with the student making gains in writing and feelings about writing. Applying techniques learned in LIST 4376 provided a well-rounded framework as did the guidance by Dr. Tice. The support of the student’s mother made it possible to work with the student and address challenges. The researcher also gained from the conversations and ongoing sharing of the project with the researchers’ mother.

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