Abbey Raymond

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Honors Thesis


Host-microbe interactions between legumes and rhizobia exemplify a symbiotic relationship; the rhizobia provide fixed nitrogen to leguminous plants via symbiotic nitrogen fixation, while they are safely harbored in plant root nodules. In this study, the nodulation of the legume Aeschynomene indica inoculated with BTAi1, a known rhizobium, was monitored and compared when inoculated with TSN2, a newly isolated rhizobium in Texas. Upon maturation, the physical characteristics of the plant were examined, and nitrogen fixation abilities were measured. In addition, the rhizobium isolated from these plants was sequenced and named “TSN2”. It was found that there were no significant differences in physical characteristics or nitrogen fixation ability between A. indica inoculated with TSN2 and A. indica inoculated with BTAi1. Taken together, TSN2 is as a good of a symbiont to A. indica growth compared to its counterpart.

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