Yahaira Arneros

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Honors Thesis


The United States is no stranger to hosting foreign business subsidiaries in our evergrowing international business world. As the US opens its doors to native French business executives, one asks how their culture perceives US workers and how to ensure that business relations between the two flow as smoothly as possible. Qualitative data was gathered from three native French business executives, in three native French subsidiaries in the DFW Metroplex. Data was gathered in face-to-face personal interviews conducted in French about disparities between French and American work culture. Similarities in perception of US work culture by the French were found including, but not limited to, possible coworker insincerity, an intense American corporate execution spirit, and stricter time restraints. Through assisted US cultural immersion for native French workers and proper French culture training for American workers, work relations can be strengthened to create a more successful work environment and improve work performance overall.

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