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Bridges are key elements of our transportation system. They allow one highway to go over another, or over railroad tracks. They allow highways and railroads to pass over water. In any bridge, the components can be separated into the substructure and superstructure. While they are both key parts of an overall structure, the structure would not exist if it did not have a foundation. The project was to design a fast-tracked bridge, one that could be built in 15 days. The bridge abutment and bent cap were designed in detail, and methods to facilitate the fast-track construction were considered in the design. Structural analysis of each member was conducted in order to ensure that they met their required standards and also confirm that the proposed reinforcement and geometry was sufficient to withstand the loads applied to the structure. This is a bridge replacement over Salt Creek on FM 4 in Jack County, Texas. For the purposes of bridge replacement, a new design was made.

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