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This investigation evaluated the occurrence and concentration of chlorate and perchlorate in two low-strength onsite-generated hypochlorite systems in the DFW Metroplex, and attempted to correlate their concentrations to operating conditions and input materials of the generation process. Chlorate and perchlorate are disinfectant byproducts found in drinking water treated with hypochlorite and are known to pose potential health problems. Hypochlorite samples were quenched to remove chlorine and then analyzed using ion chromatography to determine the byproduct concentration. Results showed a correlation between byproduct concentration and the density of the solution as well as with the chlorine concentration. Other factors, such as pH, did not appear to significantly affect the byproduct concentration. The measured levels of chlorate and perchlorate in the hypochlorite generation systems studied are currently not high enough to pose serious health effects, but future federal regulation may require water treatment facilities to take an active approach to limit the contaminants.

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