Yi-Chen Shuai

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Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering

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Weidong Zhou


This dissertation presents the research work on photonic crystal nanomembrane Fano resonance devices based on transfer printing techniques. Ultra-compact high quality (Q) factor optical filters have been design, fabricated, and characterized based on single-layer and coupled double-layer photonic crystal slabs (PCS). Optical filters have also been designed and investigated for potentially high speed spatial lighting modulations. Fano resonance membrane reflectors with operation wavelength bands cover from near-infrared to mid and far-infrared have also been fabricated based on both reaction ion-etching and magnetic field guided metal-assisted chemical etching processes.Based on crystalline semiconductor nanomembrane transfer printing technique, we designed and experimentally demonstrated coupled double-layer PCS high-Q filters with or without lattice displacement. A Q factor of 10,000 was obtained experimentally from coupled double-layer PCS filters without lattice offset. On the other hand, a Q factor of 80,000 was obtained experimentally from a coupled double-layer PCS filters with lattice displacement. Simulated optical Q factors in these double-layer PCS Fano filters can approach 220,000,000 or higher, with optimized designs in lattice displacement and in buffer layer selection. These high Q modes arise from coupled bright or dark resonance modes in these coupled double-layer PCS cavities. Note that when one assume no material absorption, these coupled PCSs resonator structures can offer an opportunity for infinite Q-factor with optimized design and buffer layer thickness selection.For a single-layer Si-PCS based filter design, we have experimentally obtained Q factor of 1,700 with 23dB extinction ratio (ER). A unique single-layer PCS Fano resonance modulator was demonstrated by transfer-printing photonic-crystal nanomembrane on glass. Base on the ultra high-Q resonance we have recently achieved in the bi-layers PCSs structure, we also proposed and designed an ultra-compact double-layer photonic-crystal Fano resonance modulator.


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington