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Master of Science in Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Anand Puppala


Drilled shaft foundations are primarily used to support structures such as bridge piers, buildings, and transmission towers. The main advantage of a drilled shaft foundation is that it transfers loads to the stronger subsoil layers or rock strata lying underneath, giving maximum bearing capacity to the overlying structure.This goal of this research is to load bearing capacity of a drilled shaft on both treated and untreated compressible soil. In this study, both analytical and numerical studies were conducted to investigate the effect of lime treatment on the settlement of the drilled shaft. Extensive literature study was conducted on analysis of axially-loaded drill shafts and novel chemical ground improvement techniques for compressible clay. Basic laboratory tests were conducted, and engineering properties of both natural and lime treated soils were determined. The varying depth-settlement response of a vertically loaded drill shaft was analyzed, on both treated and non-treated clay soils. Numerical analysis was performed, using PLAXIS 2D and the soil parameters obtained from laboratory tests. The main purpose of using the lime slurry pressure injection method is to reduce the project expenses by improving the capacity of the soil, as well as to increase the load bearing capacity of the foundations where bedrock is very deep .During this study, three case scenarios were considered, involving varying depths of the drilled shaft, diameter of the drilled shaft, and the depth of the treated soil. The maximum settlement curves obtained analytically from the studies for the natural and treated soils were compared with the curves from the numerical results. Finally, recommendations and advantages of using lime treatment on compressible clays are highlighted.


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Civil Engineering | Engineering


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington