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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering research (IJTEEE)


This paper presents advanced and reliable structural analysis of poly carbonate. Glass is most commonly used transparent material. However, glass is not suitable in applications where low weight, high strength and complex shapes are required. For many applications there exists a need for mechanically strong materials of high optical quality and transparency equivalent to window glass. For this poly carbonate is a viable solution. Poly carbonate is a transparent, impact resistant polymer that provides protection against breakage or intrusion. The present review includes (i) brief introduction of poly carbonate material. (ii) a review of mechanical analysis of poly carbonate mechanical data’s are obtained by tensile, flexural, hardness, impact and double shear tests. He result of the study show that the poly carbonate has the significant effect on the mechanical properties. [This is a published version of an article published by IJTEE. Copyright © 2015 IJTEEE]


Engineering | Materials Science and Engineering

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