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In the midst of the media excitement surrounding the Lance Armstrong/Oprah interview, have you ever wondered about who else has been using performance enhancement drugs (PEDs)? And how? Or how the types of doping they might use? Or how it is detected? Dr. Armstrong will give listeners an overview of PEDs going back farther than you might think! The use of PEDs has a long history in sports and combat, and only in the last several decades has become an area of concern. This is because issues of health, safety and fairness have come to the forefront. Further, the regulation and control of these substances and those who would use them is an effective way for large regulation-based organizations to acquire power, funds, etc. Also the use of PEDs has extended from world-class athletes and military uses to recreational sports and other venues. A brief history of PEDs will be given, along with an overview of their types and effects. Finally we will take a specific look at a recently banned stimulant that was a constituent of one of the largest selling nutritional supplements in the world.


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