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To contribute to automating the medical vision-language model, we propose a novel Chest-Xray Difference Visual Question Answering (VQA) task. Given a pair of main and reference images, this task attempts to answer several questions on both diseases and, more importantly, the differences between them. This is consistent with the radiologist’s diagnosis practice that compares the current image with the reference before concluding the report. We collect a new dataset, namely MIMIC-Diff-VQA, including 700,703 QA pairs from 164,324 pairs of main and reference images. Compared to existing medical VQA datasets, our questions are tailored to the Assessment Diagnosis-Intervention-Evaluation treatment procedure used by clinical professionals. Meanwhile, we also propose a novel expert knowledge-aware graph representation learning model to address this task. The proposed baseline model leverages expert knowledge such as anatomical structure prior, semantic, and spatial knowledge to construct a multi-relationship graph, representing the image differences between two images for the image difference VQA task. The dataset and code can be found at MIMIC-Diff-VQA. We believe this work would further push forward the medical vision language model.

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