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Knysna Estuary Jewel of the Garden Route

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Although little has been published on the deep-time archaeological record of Knysna area, recent research, early surveys, and local resident knowledge of sites and finds leave little doubt that people have made Knysna home for a very long time. From the hand-axe using human ancestors of more than 300 000 years ago (or more) Knysna has attracted people to the shores of its estuary, river, and coastline. A rich diversity of edible plants, animals, fresh water, and marine resources made it an ideal place for humans reliant on wild resources. Stone tools, the most enduring ‘visiting cards’ of the ancients, show evidence of inspiration and ingenuity, changing design and function over time. This coupled pigment (ochre) use and other creative activities show that the early Knysna residents were resourceful and creative. (from author's contribution to chapter 1)


Archaeological Anthropology

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Summer 2021



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