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The purpose of this study will be to determine if METRIHC is an effective model for treating depression in minority populations.MethodsThe data for the study was collected from 2013 through 2014 as part of an assessment of a Collaborative Care Model. Participants were administered Patient Health Questionnaires PHQ-9 and General Anxiety Disorder GAD-7 every office visit or every three months to rate METRIHC effectiveness.ResultsA Paired Samples T-Test in which the results of participants initial and final PHQ-9 scores were compared together and the results of the participants initial and final GAD-7 scores were compared together. Both results showed a statistically significant drop in scores for both depression and anxiety.Conclusion Findings from this study suggest that METRIHC could be an effective form of treatment for a primarily Hispanic, Spanish speaking female population, but without a control group in which to compare results with, it is not possible to determine if the decrease in depressive symptoms and anxiety symptoms was a results of METRIHC entirely.


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