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Now more than ever, Americans are experiencing a serious mental health crisis. However, it can be asserted that veterans are even more in need of effective interventions to address mental health concerns. Veterans experience disproportionally high rates of anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorders, PTSD, and death by suicide. They often do not find significant symptom reduction from traditional mental health intervention methods. Psychedelics are re-emerging as an option for mental health treatment, however our knowledge of veterans’ attitudes toward the use of psychedelics for treatment for various mental health conditions is currently limited. This work presents the results of an anonymous online survey distributed to veterans at a large public university in the Southern United States assessing their knowledge of and attitudes toward the use of psychedelics for mental health concerns. Results indicate that these veterans had a moderate level of knowledge concerning the use of psychedelic therapy. Results also indicate that overall veterans are in favor of the federal government funding further research of the medicinal value of psychedelics, and specifically further exploring the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics for various behavioral health concerns such as anxiety, treatment of trauma, and treatment of chronic pain. Implications for future research, practice and policy are explored.


Psychedelics, Veterans


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