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Introduction: This study’s purpose was to provide a snapshot of what mental health services are available to school-age children and adolescents in the state of Texas that are provided by the Catholic Church and Catholics, and to provide feasible recommendations for improvements concerning said services. This study also aims to dispel the stigma against mental healthcare provision by licensed professionals that still exists in some areas of the Catholic Church by displaying the intersection between having faith and the ability to provide care to everyone regardless of faith or lack thereof. Methods: This study used a qualitative research method due to the variable approaches to care taken by different areas of Texas. For ease of access, results are organized by which diocese the resource falls in. Dioceses are 15 geographic divisions within the Catholic Church that are served by a corresponding branch of Catholic Charities. Analysis of diocesan, Catholic Charities, and many other online resources were consulted to find programs as well as calls to dioceses and some branches of Catholic Charities. Types of services for the relevant population were cataloged and unique programs and organizational methods were categorized. Results: Some type of mental health counseling was provided by 13 out of 15 Texas dioceses. While major metropolitan areas had a disproportionate number of individual counselors, unique programs could be found in dioceses regardless of size. Smaller dioceses such as Victoria (the smallest) showed remarkable efficiency in their provision of counseling resources. Conclusions: Every diocese has a very different approach to providing care, resulting in great but mutually isolated methods. If the dioceses of Texas copy their peers’ unique strategies, quality of and access to care could drastically increase.


Mental health, Counseling, Children, Adolescents, Catholic, Diocese, Qualitative


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