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Alexa Smith-Osborne


Sex offenders' high prevalence of alcohol misuse augments their risk of reoffending. Identifying sexual offenders' alcohol misuse patterns and history is vital to effective treatment that lowers rates of recidivism. The present study seeks to determine the prevalence of lifetime alcohol misuse among individuals participating in court mandated outpatient sex offender treatment. Participants were administered the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST). The participants' MAST scores were then separated into categories of, "No Problem (scores 0-5)," "Alcohol Problem (scores 6-8)," and "Alcohol Abuse/Dependence (scores 9+)" to compare with the participants' self-reported alcohol use during their intake assessments. The MAST score ranges were also compared to the number of participants' who were court-ordered to undergo substance abuse assessments and the number of participants who are enrolled in, or completed, substance abuse treatment. Findings in the present study replicated the findings of other studies by demonstrating that 41.1 percent of the participants scored in the "problem drinking" category on the MAST, with an overall mean score of 9.4 for all participants. Limitations and future research recommendations are also presented.


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