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Population explosion is a major concern for many Middle Eastern countries. This study is aimed at exploring the urban-rural differences in the use of modern contraceptives in Yemen. The study also took into consideration the variable education that can influence the use of contraceptives among people of Yemen. This analysis utilized the secondary data from Yemen Demographic and Maternal Health Survey (YDMHS) of 1997. The YDMHS (1997) survey sample consisted of 10,414 women. The YDMHS survey was conducted with ever-married women in the age group of 15 to 49. This study is based on the ecosystem theory that states that he both person and environment continually influences other within a particular context. Logistic regression analysis method is used for analyzing the effect of the independent variables, urban-rural residency, and level of education on the dependent variable modern contraceptive use. The results of the study show that the odds of people living in urban area using modern contraceptives are more compared to people who live in the rural areas. The primary supposed reason for this being the influence of modernization being more acute in urban Yemen. Education was also found to have an influence on the use of modern contraceptive use with the odds of using modern contraceptive among people who have secondary and higher education is 2.0 times more the odds of using modern contraceptives among people who have primary or no education. Social work implications are also discussed.


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