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Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services

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The digital age has revolutionized how individuals interact. The number of computer users has increased exponentially, along with expanding local and global networks and opportunities for learning, entertainment, and support. Most recently, cyber communication is becoming an important part of face-to-face social work practice as an administrative and therapeutic exchange between practitioners and clients, with both benefits and challenges. The purpose of this article is to present results of a study that used grounded theory to explore the application and adaptation of information and communication technology (ICT) in traditional clinical social work practice within organizations and private practice. The overwhelming finding was that it is no longer possible not to engage in the use of ICT. We discuss implications for practice, including clinical, practical, and ethical benefits and issues of ICT. Faye Mishna, Marion Bogo, Jennifer Root, & Sophia Fantus, Here to Stay: Cyber Communication as a Complement in Social Work Practice, Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services, 95(3), pp. 179–186. Copyright © 2014 Alliance for Children and Families. DOI: 10.1606/1044-3894.2014.95.23.


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