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Journal of Aging and Physical Activity


Exercise is important for older adults in order to prevent falls and live safer, healthier lives. Visual impairment is a fall risk factor. Older adults tend to visit optometrists frequently; however, assessing patients’ physical exercise levels is not a routine practice for optometrists. The purpose of this study was to examine the potential for optometrists’ referrals to exercise programs. This study used a mixed-method, cross-sectional design. In focus groups, optometry patients (N = 42) discussed the acceptability of an optometrist’s prescription to exercise programs. The vast majority of optometry patients (90%) indicated that they would follow such a prescription for exercise from their optometrist. Texas optometrists (N = 268) were surveyed about the potential for exercise program prescriptions, and 97% indicated a willingness to prescribe exercise programs to their patients. Results suggest that there is an opportunity for community-clinical partnerships to prevent falls and improve the health of older patients.


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