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The Journal of Educational Research


This study focuses on participation in extracurricular activities as a way of improving the educational outcomes of children with disabilities. In regard to students in the general population, adolescent involvement in extracurricular activities have been shown to have a positive association with school involvement and adolescent self-esteem, academic achievement, and adolescent development. Using the Educational Longitudinal Study (ELS) dataset, this study conducts logistic regression analyses to examine the relationship between participation in high school-sponsored extracurricular activities and postsecondary degree completion for students with disabilities. Findings show a statistically significant association between postsecondary degree completion for students with disabilities and extracurricular activity participation, including extent and type of extracurricular activity. Students with disabilities who participate in high school extracurricular activities may have increased likelihood of completing a postsecondary degree. Implications for policy, practice, and future research are discussed. [This is a post-print of an article published by Taylor & Francis in The Journal of Educational Research on August 19, 2016, available online:]


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