Myung-Ji Bang

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Master of City and Regional Planning


Urban and Public Affairs

First Advisor

Carl Grodach


The goal of this study is to identify the roles and barriers of community-based organizations in post-disaster changing neighborhoods and to examine how community based organizations support residents in dealing with neighborhood change through the case of New Orleans, Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina. Drawing on a review of existing reports and conducting surveys with community-based organizations, this study first identifies how community-based organizations support existing residents and attempts to gauge the role of these organizations in representing low-income residents in New Orleans, LA after Katrina, 2005. I focus in particular on the potential role and the ability of community-based organizations--not only to prevent displacement but also as a way to ultimately create political linkages and social linkages with other groups--to assist low-income existing residents in changing neighborhoods. I found that the CDCs have built a potential ability to be a political linkage and social linkage through the development of and collaboration with partnerships as well as a catalyst for increasing civic participation and creating strong leadership of the communities. CDCs play important roles in supporting the residents dealing with changing neighborhoods but they do so in different ways. The findings of this study are expected to contribute in the field of gentrification as a solution to support low-income residents dealing with changing neighborhoods in gentrifying neighborhoods.


Public Affairs | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington