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This is a study conducted annually by the University of Texas at Arlington. This year, the study is sponsored by the Texas City Management Association (TCMA). City managers face multiple challenges and competing goals in providing effective and efficient public services. There is no one tool that city managers can use to solve municipal governance problems. However, knowing what other city managers across Texas think about municipal governance could help better frame the issues, identify common themes, and work on better solutions. Every year, the State of the State survey highlights one of the eight recurring topics or a new topic identified by respondents from the previous year's survey. The eight key municipal governance topics are (1) creative governance, (2) economic development, (3) local management, (4) financial management and budgeting, (5) technology, (6) community engagement, (7) sustainable community practices, and (8) public safety and transportation. Given current questions regarding taxation and fiscal policies at the state level and how these are expected to impact revenue generation for cities and specifically their effects on economic development, it seemed prudent to make economic development the focus of the 2019 SoS survey. ** Contact if you are the author.**


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Sponsored by Texas City Management Association

Available for download on Wednesday, January 01, 3000