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Master of Science in Psychology



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Linda Perrotti


As previous research emphasizes a complex model of substance use regarding bullying dynamics and influence with depression, further investigation is warranted. Adolescents aged 15 years were selected from the Health Behaviors in School Aged Children (N = 2656) and the National Institute of Child Healthcare and Development (N = 1364) databases. Analyses were performed using mixed regression models with the SPSS PROCESS macro (Hayes, 2012b), employing both mediation and moderated-mediation. Four models were produced from each dataset: (a) mediation of victimization on substance use through depression, (b) moderated-mediation of victimization on substance use through depression, moderated by sex; (c) mediation of bullying on substance use through depression, and (d) moderated-mediation of bullying on substance use mediated through depression, moderated by sex. All models produced were consistent in that relationships were partially mediated through depression. However, only one sex moderated relationship was found between bullying and substance use through depression in the NICHD dataset. This novel finding that females were found at a greater risk for substance use when bullying and depressed highlights the need to investigate the pathology of the female bully. Additionally, the lack of other sex-moderated effects further emphasizes that other factors should be considered.


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


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