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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

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This study tested predictions from Ickes and Simpson’s (1997, 2001) empathic accuracy model. Married couples were videotaped as they tried to resolve a problem in their marriage. Both spouses then viewed a videotape of the interaction, recorded the thoughts and feelings they had at specific time-points, and tried to infer their partner’s thoughts and feelings. Consistent with the model, when the partner’s thoughts and feelings were relationship-threatening (as rated by both the partners and by trained observers), greater empathic accuracy on the part of the perceiver was associated with pre-to-posttest declines in the perceiver’s feelings of subjective closeness. The reverse was true when the partner’s thoughts and feelings were non-threatening. Exploratory analyses revealed that these effects were partially mediated through observer-ratings of the degree to which partners tried to avoid the discussion issue.


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences

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