Suman Satyal

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Master of Science in Physics



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Alexander H Weiss


Auger Photoelectron Coincidence Spectroscopy (APECS) was used to investigate the physics of the Low Energy Tail (LET) region of the Auger spectrum of a Cu(100) sample. Two Cylindrical Mirror Analyzers (CMAs) were used to select the energy of electrons emitted from the sample as a result of irradiation by 200eV photons. The APECS technique was used to obtain an Auger spectrum taken in coincidence with electrons in the core photoemission peak. The background due to coincidences between pairs of valence electrons emitted as a result of multi-electron photoemission processes was estimated by taking a series of APECS spectra in coincidence with electrons emitted at energies in the range between the photo-emitted core and photo-emitted valence electrons. This background along with an estimate of the contributions to the LET from inelastic processes resulting from scattering before they exit into the vacuum was subtracted from the APECS derived Auger spectra to obtain an estimate of the spectra of electrons emitted solely as a result of intrinsic Auger processes. The Auger spectra so obtained indicate that the number of electrons emitted as a result of intrinsic Auger processes involving multiple electron emission exceeds the number involving single electron emission in agreement with estimates from previously published positron annihilation induced Auger (PAES) measurements.


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