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Spring 2024



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Doctor of Philosophy in Physics and Applied Physics



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Ramon Lopez


The effectiveness of the flipped classroom and hybrid-flipped (partially flipped, partially lecture-based) method of instruction has been extensively studied for high school and introductory undergraduate physics courses, and it has been shown to increase student understanding and performance. However, few studies have been done for upper-level undergraduate courses, and even fewer have been done for virtual courses. In Spring 2021 and Fall 2023, a fully virtual, hybrid-flipped Modern Physics course was taught, primarily to a class of primarily juniors and seniors, with some sophomores. All were STEM majors. The same course, with a similar enrolment and demographic of students, was taught in Spring 2022 and Spring 2023. However, in these classes, the synchronous problem-solving session was conducted in-person. We investigate the differences in student performance in the two versions of the course by comparing both quantitative and qualitative data.


STEM education, Physics education research, Physics, Flipped classroom, Online


Physics | Science and Mathematics Education


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