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Southern On-line Journal of Nursing Research


Spirituality and self-efficacy both have been identified as factors that contribute to management of chronic illnesses and quality of life (QOL). For individuals with sickle cell disease (SCD), the lifespan is increasing, but adults report low selfefficacy, ineffective coping skills and poor QOL. The care of adult patients with SCD requires a complex, multidisciplinary team approach with a focus not only on physiological, psychological, and social needs, but also on spiritual needs. However, spirituality, self-efficacy and QOL have been little studied in individuals with SCD. This study explored the relationships among spirituality, self-efficacy, and QOL in adults with SCD. The study used a descriptive correlational design. Prospective participants, 18 years and older, were invited to participate in the study through a mail out and electronic survey. Individuals who reported high levels of spirituality and self-efficacy reported high levels of QOL. Self-efficacy and spirituality accounted for more than 50%, of the variance in QOL. This study provides information about the roles that spirituality, self-efficacy, and QOL play in the lives of adults with SCD and gives direction for developing holistic interventions.


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