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Background: Second generation antipsychotics (SGA) can cause weight gain. Increased weight gain increases the risk of metabolic complications such as, type 11 diabetes mellitus, myocarditis, prolonged QTC interval, extrapyramidal side effects and hyperlipidemia. SGAs are often prescribed to children with mental illness putting them at higher risk of obesity and other related complications. Unhealthy weight gain due to SGA therapy in children is a significant public health problem considering the association of obesity and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Purpose: The purpose of this quality improvement project was to educate and encourage participants to act in preventing SGA related weight gain. Methods: A convenient sample of pediatric patients aged 8-18 (N=26) who met the inclusion criteria were enrolled. The same group was used as pre and posttest groups. The pre-test was used as the control group. All participants and their parents/guardians watched an educational video then picked a 5210-healthy action they wanted to improve over a 3 months period. The pre and post-test results were compared. All participants were weighed before starting and on completion of the study. Pre and post weight results were compared. Results: A Mann-Whitney-u statistical test was used to analyze the data. The weight pretest mean was 26.13 and the posttest mean was 26.87. The fruits and vegetables group had a mean of 8.29 in the pretest and 20.71 in the post-test. The physical activity group had a mean of 5.44 in the pretest group and 11.56 in the post test group. The zero sugary drinks pre and posttest screen time mean was 3.25 and 1.75 respectively. The screen time Managing Anti-Psychotic Weight Gain in Children 5 pre and posttest mean was the same at 2.50. Conclusion: The results show that it is beneficial to educate and encourage patients to act on preventing SGA related weight gain. It was also noted that at least two of the 5210 health habits are effective in preventing weight gain.


Second generation antipsychotics (SGA) -- Weight gain -- Children, Second generation antipsychotics (SGA) -- Obesity -- Children, Children -- Mental health


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