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This paper focuses on the six-degree of freedom nonlinear flight simulation. A method of formulating commands for flight path control and simulation in a three-dimensional space was developed. The basic flight vehicle frame used in this research was the conventional fixed-wing jet aircraft designed by Denel Aerostructures South Africa (South African Regional Aircraft).The geometry of this aircraft was developed using datcom, a United States Air Force Stability and Control computer program made for characterizing the properties of a fixed wing aircraft.The datcom parameters were then imported into the Matlab Simulink environment, where using the aerospace toolbox, the aircraft simulink model was developed. The aircraft simulink model was trimmed linearized and therefore obtaining the open loop plots which include the state-space matrix. The open loop plots of both short period rang and long period range were unstable and therefore an LQG controller was added to the system. The LQG controller used the kalman filter and and regulator to stabilized the output for the closed loop system. The open loop results were therefore compared with the closed loop results to verify aircraft control.


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