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Master of Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture

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Gary O. Robinette


Landscape architect Gene Newman's career began upon his graduation from Texas A&M University in nineteen-sixty-two. Over the past forty-five years, he has been a partner at both Myrick-Newman-Dahlberg (MND), and Newman-Jackson-Bieberstein (NJB). His roles within the firms have relied heavily on his extensive construction knowledge and his attention to detail. He recently retired from his position as the president of NJB, but remains in charge of specifications, construction administration management, and production quality control. The goal of this research is to understand his role in the field of landscape architecture and the legacy he will leave behind. The methods to gain this understanding are literature review, interviews with: him, professionals and character witnesses, and a study of his professional history. Conclusions are drawn based on the data collected in the research. His legacy is founded in his built work, construction techniques, ethics, and his impact on the profession of landscape architecture. Impact and legacy are measured by his reputation in the field and the diffusion of techniques and ideas to those who worked with and around him.


Architecture | Landscape Architecture


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington