Azra Khan

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Master of Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture

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Gary O. Robinette


Inspired by the rapidly emerging trends and developments in design-related professions, this thesis researches one of the most significant outcomes of globalization: global outsourcing. The last decade has witnessed a growing interest in academia in globalization and outsourcing in information technology services, but the effects of global outsourcing on the architecture, landscape architecture and construction industries have remained mostly untouched. This paper researches the current and future trends in global outsourcing and its anticipated effects on the practice of landscape architecture. Global Outsourcing is a business technique that essentially involves reliance on low cost countries like India, China, and the Philippines for labor, technology and talent. It is rapidly gaining presence in architecture, landscape architecture and the construction industry. From the time-tested successes of global outsourcing in information technology, manufacturing and the architecture industry, this study gathers important indicators, patterns of development and their applicability to the field to landscape architecture. Further, the study addresses concerns over the lack of knowledge about outsourcing in among landscape architects. This research provides a comprehensive background of global outsourcing and addresses issues related to it. The method of inquiry covers different levels of critique, from general opinion, to individual experiences, to studying global outsourcing as a business model for landscape architecture industry.


Architecture | Landscape Architecture


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington