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Master of Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture

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Pat D. Taylor


This thesis examines the professional service dependencies between landscape architects and architects practicing in single discipline private practice firms. Its intent is to determine the presence (or lack of presence) of dependencies within this subset of professional practice of both landscape architecture and architecture and the reasons dependencies exist. The primary hypothesis of this study is that dependencies exist between these two types of single discipline practices.Bornstein (1993) describes dependencies in a working definition as motivational, cognitive, affective and behavioral. Specifically, the term dependency has "no universally accepted operational definition" (Bornstein 1993, p. 18). It is, in the case of this thesis, used as a descriptor to describe the professional services between landscape architects and architects.The study is based on literature from the disciplines of landscape architecture,architecture, psychology and organizational communication from which descriptions of professional services and dependencies are extracted. It uses in-depth interviewing to search for the existence of professional service dependencies and their manifestations.This study cross-references the business practices of various single discipline private practice professional firms. After contrasting their scopes of work, current licensure records, and organizational behavior, a conclusion presents how these firms rely on each other, creating professional dependencies.The results are that at the root, service to the client generates a need for responsibility for consistent expertise and quality output, causing the building of reputation. Ultimately, this reputation, over time gains trust and loyalty resulting in long-term personal and business relationships. Finally, further studies could elaborate on the professional dependencies found, exploring each dependency in further detail.


Architecture | Landscape Architecture


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington