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Gary Robinette has practiced landscape architecture since 1963. During that time he has overseen policy and research that affects landscape architects in the United States and those in countries who model their regulatory system after the United States. His career has taken him through administration of the leading professional organizations, into the private sector, and the better part of his time he spent in the field of academy or scholarship teaching at The University of Wisconsin at Madison and The University of Texas at Arlington. He has contributed to the landscape architecture body of knowledge through his prolific writing with 22 books. He has lectured at 17 different universities in his career. Robinette has been recognized by his professional peers with the highest title given by the American Society of Landscape Architects: Fellow. This biography provides an oral history of Robinette, a character who was directly involved in the development of the American Society of Landscape Architects in the early and mid 1970s as well as The Program in Landscape Architecture at The University of Texas at Arlington. Information within this research will help shed light on the development of the profession of landscape architecture in America in the second half of the twentieth century, a period that saw tremendous growth and increased professionalism in the discipline. By documenting and understanding Robinette's professional concerns and development, this research provides materials which can enable future studies of this period in American landscape architecture history. This thesis employs qualitative research to reveal how Robinette responded to the ever changing political, social, legal, and technological tides over the past 50 years. In essence it is an examination of how Robinette influenced history and in turn how history influenced him. Additionally, there is an examination of his pedagogy and authorship. Findings reveal that Robinette had considerable influence on the history of the profession of landscape architecture without as much reciprocation from history or the profession. In terms of his pedagogy, there are considerable data which concedes he had a tremendous impact on the lives of the students which is usually polarized in positive and negative aspects (J. Buchanan, personal communication, March 26, 2012; C. Feldman, personal communication, March 16, 2012).


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