Rashid Manzar

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Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems


Information Systems and Operations Management

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Radha Mahapatra

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Jingguo Wang


The US healthcare system is rapidly adopting health information technologies (IT) in its quest to improve patient safety and deliver high quality care at a lower cost. As healthcare providers increasingly rely on health IT in caring for their patients, there is a corresponding increase in the impact of health IT on the outcome of care delivery. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of empirical studies on how health IT quality influences healthcare outcome. Using a comprehensive framework based on Work Systems Theory, a research model was developed to study the impact of health information quality on care delivery outcome and satisfaction from the use of healthcare information system from the perspective of the nursing staff in a hospital setting. A unique aspect of the research model is the conceptualization of information quality as pushed and pulled information quality. As pushed information, in the form of alerts and notifications, play an increasingly important role in care delivery in a hospital setting, it is imperative to understand its impact on care delivery quality. Data collected through a survey of 162 nurses was analyzed using the partial least square (PLS) method of the structural equation modeling. The results provide strong support for most hypothesized relationships. A key finding of the study is that both pushed and pulled information quality influence care delivery quality, however only pulled information quality has impact on satisfaction from the use of the information system. Leadership endorsement of quality was found to directly influence care quality while also having a moderating effect on the influence of pulled information quality on care delivery. The implications of the findings for research and practice are discussed, and directions for future research are outlined.


Information quality, Data quality, Care delivery quality, Push-pull, Pushed information quality, Pulled information quality, Communication quality, Notifications and alerts, Work System Theory, Work stress, System quality, Stored Information, Satisfaction, Health care delivery, Work System Framework, Healthcare information quality, Total data quality, Total information quality, Big information quality, Emergency responders


Business | Management Information Systems


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington